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Why Technically Easier Tech Help Services?

Based in and primarily serving the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, metro area.

I own and operate a one-man business - you get the boss!

By appointment only

Flexible scheduling opportunities - maybe I'm available when you are too!

I speak English as well as tech jargon.

Onsite support - services brought to you where you need them - at home!

No problem too small and no training too simple.

Let me help save time and energy - yours!

Affordable rates due to less overhead.

Looking forward to personally meeting with you!

Tech Help Services:  (but not limited to)

Getting familiar with software and how it works

Computer setups

Phone and cell phone setups

iPad and other tablet usage

Passwords and security

Understanding tech basics

Emails - contacts, attaching photos and documents, etc.

Social media

Skype and Facetime (plus similar programs)

Free-and-open-source Apps

Managing your photos

Backing up data

Simple and affordable websites

Basic website creation, maintenance and support

Other things on your list (or a referral)

For additional information or to contact me click here

Payment Options 

Cash or check.


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